Rajiv's Kitchen

A Taste of Nepal.....


31st July, 2015

Briggs & Williams 

5 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF

From 5:30pm on wards

We will be hosting a "Momos Only" night on the 31st July, where we will be serving different varieties of momos ( Nepalese dumplings) from 5:30 pm on wards. This is walk ins only. So no need to book tickets! 

You might want to reserve a table, if you would like to avoid long queue. 

We will forward to seeing you all for some momos action! 


1st August, 2015

Briggs & Williams

5 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF


Enter Rajiv’s Kitchen for a Nepali feast!

At Rajiv's Kitchen we believe in bringing people together to enjoy authentic Nepalese home cooked cuisine, while providing a fun, friendly and attentive service. The diverse dishes and new flavours provide as much feast for the mind as the mouth.

There is such a wonderful array of food to choose from, and we have chosen 3 courses compromising of some of the most loved dishes for you to sample so you can experience a culinary journey to Nepal!!!!




Momos: Chicken momos served with sesame and tomatoes chutney.



Khasi ko Maasu: Nepalese goat curry, slow cooked with Nepalese herb & spices.

Kukhura ko achaar: Spicy & tangy Chicken pickle, Nepalese style. (Served at room temperature)

Paneer ko tarkaari: Paneer & capsicum chilli with garden peas.

Jogi tarkaari: Mixed seasonal vegetable curry.

Achaar: Cucumber and carrot pickle, tempered with hemp seeds.

****Main is served with paratha bread/fragrant rice.



Lime infused coconut ice cream served with summer berries, pomegranate & topped with sesame dust.


Note: We use fresh local produce/ingredients bought on the same day for our cooking.
If you are vegetarian or have any food allergies, please inform us in advance so we can improvise our menu to suit your needs. This is NOT a BYOB event!

We look forward to meeting you all!!!!