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"We only have what we give"

After 3 weeks and with the second earthquake that just rattled the already shaken country, we will be hosting our yet another fundraiser event to continue our series of events to raise much needed funds to rebuild this beautiful, isolated and brave nation and its equally strong & resilient people who have suffered a great length of devastation.

This time around, we will be celebrating the amazing & beautiful produce this nation has to offer. For this event, we will be serving you a 4 course vegetarian meal, compromising of the some of the most loved dishes for you to enjoy.

Meat lovers, fear not; there will be goat curry & chicken pickle option for you too! 

On 17th  May, we will be hosting "Momos Only" afternoon at Star By Hackney Downs (  E5 8NN ) where we will be serving different varieties of Nepal's favourite dumplings; Momos will be served from 12pm on wards. This is walk ins only. ( https://www.facebook.com/events/736483049806309/ )

On 22nd  May, we will be hosting yet another "Momos Only" night at Briggs & Williams cafe in Dalston ( E8 3DF) where we will be serving different varieties of Nepal's favourite dumplings; Momos will be served from 6pm on wards. This is walk ins only.

On 23rd May, we will be serving some of the most loved vegetarian dishes of Nepal. There will be a 4 course sit down meal for you to enjoy. 

Special Note: If you have the following items that you no longer use, please feel free to bring them along on both/either nights:



Clothing Items

We would like to thank you profusely for your help/support!  #SupportNepal #NepalEarthquake

All the proceedings from these events will go to Rotary International who are working endlessly to provide food, shelter & medical support to those who have been hardly hit by these unfortunate events. You can follow and see their progress on their Nepal Recovering facebook page: 


The MENU for the 23rd  May event and all the other details can be found on any of these following links: