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Quotes Everything about the night was great. Nice location, friendly staff and most importantly some incredibly good food - special mention for the goat curry. Wish I could have eaten twice as much! I'm definitely coming back again. Quotes

Quotes Thanks Rajiv and all your lovely staff for a great night! The food was amazing and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere. I'll be recommending Rajiv's Kitchen to everyone! Quotes
Singer & a Foodie

Quotes Rajiv's was my very first supper club, we organised a private one so it was 12 of our friends. I was quite apprehensive at first because I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect to feel so comfortable as soon as we walked into the lovely home yet I absolutely did. Rajiv and his crew are probably some of the warmest people I've ever met. The food was amazing, each course was a delicious surprise...and there was so much of it! The group of friends I visited with are a bunch of Michelin addicts and they were also beyond impressed. Highly recommend this supper club, for a fantastic evening of great food, wine drinking and lovely people. Quotes
Martine Farrugia
Happy Foodie

Quotes We had an absolute ball at Rajivs house. We were celebrating my sister's birthday and we were made to feel completely at home, the food was delicious and it was just an exceptional way to dine out. Would recommend to anyone. Good luck Rajiv and your team with future endeavours! Quotes
Holly Kennedy
Happy Customer

Quotes I have been to two of Rajiv's supper clubs and they have both been amazing! The food is incredible and unlike other supper clubs I have been to, there is always lots to eat. The cocktails were a really nice addition and complimented the food perfectly. Rajiv is a wonderful host, he takes time to speak to the guests and explain what's on the menu. The variety of dishes is amazing, there are always new foods to try and everything is delicious. There isn't enough Nepalese cuisine in the UK but if you want the best, go to Rajiv's supper club! It is food you could eat again and again. Quotes
Melissa Hales
Director & Founder of Rush Talent .

Quotes I went to the supper club on my own but the atmosphere itself was so friendly and because it was so comfortable, I felt right at home! We were welcomed with a complimentary drink, Opihr Gin & tonic. Each table were provided with sharing platters echoing the traditional Nepalese culture of sitting together and enjoying a meal. When I had portions of different dishes on my plate, the bright colors of the ingredients made it a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.Booking a table at a London restaurant is impossible and if you are looking for food that uses fresh ingredients, then Rajiv's Kitchen is the new go-to place! There?s no doubt this supper club will quickly become the hottest reservation in town! Quotes
Shraddha Gurung
Supperclub Newbie

Quotes Having never done the supperclub thing I contacted Rajiv for a party of eight - and the evening totally surpassed my expectations. He was a gracious and warm host, the food was unexpected and delicious, and we had an amazing, memorable time. Thank you Rajiv - I will definitely recommend you in the future! Quotes
M. Weeks
Highly recommend

Quotes We had a fantastic meal - lots of wonderful flavours and exciting new things to try. Strongly recommended! Quotes
Sue James

Quotes Having worked at one of Rajiv's pop-ups, I relished the chance to see him in action at a more intimate at-home event. Although he claims to suffer with terrible nerves, Rajiv is an effortlessly welcoming host and a wholly competent cook. He's also adapt at thinking on his feet; hence the swiftly-invented fresh melon juice and vodka cocktail dreamt up after an unfortunate accident with the Prosecco delivery. A decadent and potent way to begin the evening. Rajiv's Kitchen is not a place to dine if you're afraid of new and unexpected flavours, or you just want to get your head down, chow, and get the hell out. It's a supperclub to savour till it's way past your intended bedtime and you don't care because the atmosphere is so warm and pleasant and you just can't bring yourself to leave. I think people's characters influence their cooking; in Rajiv's case, both are ace and my point is proved. Quotes
Zoe P
Food Writer under the alias of the The Spice Scribe

Quotes I booked Rajiv's Celebration Feast with a friend from Hamburg and we had a lovely time! The food was absolutely fantastic and so was the very welcoming host. I'll definitely join again next time I'm in London. Quotes
Stephanie Gramm
Food Lover