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Quotes I went to Rajiv's kitchen for a friend's birthday recently. The food was delicious and Rajiv went to paritcular effort to make a special menu for me due to my food allergy, without making me feel like I was being difficult or fussy, which made it so much more enjoyable for me. It's a lovely relaxed and friendly atmosphere and a great way to spend an evening. Quotes

Quotes Rajiv happily had a private supper club for me for my birthday and the food was excellent. I went again just last week for another friend's birthday and if possible the atmosphere and food improved further. My favourite thing about this supper is that they never rush you out and let you stay late in their lovely flat having a drink. Favourite dishes - momos, potato salad, chicken curry, goat and the spicy cauliflower. Quotes

Quotes I had found Rajiv's site online and was immediately keen to try it out. I already warmed to him from the site and his emails and was genuinely excited to try his food and experience his night. The boyfriend and I rocked up to what was a beautifully lit room. We were seated next to a couple who turned out to be SO very lovely and immediately felt comfortable with. Phew! From the moment we walked in, we knew it was going to be a good night. The staff were fantastic, so warm and friendly and just a delight. Now... the food - AMAZING and would definitely recommend everyone to go. Rajiv also introduced each dish and came to our tables every so often to have a little chat. A lovely touch, particularly when he had been so busy and the room was full. So many favourite dishes and just couldn't pick but at a push...the momos and ribs;). Looking forward to seeing Rajiv soon and the next menu! Quotes
Stephanie Nattu
Happy Guest

Quotes Really excellent selection of Nepali treats, particularly loved the Momo, puri, the two chicken dishes and the green chutney.Lovely venue as well, warm and welcoming on a freezing cold evening.My second visit to a Rajivs Kitchen event and as excellent as the first. Quotes
Victoria F
Momos lover

Quotes http://culinaryadventuresofthespicescribe.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/review_rajivs_kitchen_nepalese_supperclub_london_gurkha_newari_food_pop-up/ Quotes
Zoe Perret
Food Writer under the alias of the The Spice Scribe

Quotes It was clear that a lot of effort went into preparing the food-- the starters were momo dumplings, croquettes and meatballs accompanied with various chutneys and sauces. The main course was an assortment of curries, paneer and potato dishes served with rice and paratha. Finished off with a refreshing coconut ice cream with pistachio and pomegranate. Being new to Nepalese food, I wasnt sure what to expect -- it's like an Indian fusion for those of us less cultured! You wont go home hungry! Quotes
New to Nepalese Food

Quotes I was a bit unsure about spending 45 on a supperclub, but it was worth every penny and more. Not only was the food DELICIOUS and generous, the cocktail lessons were fun and very professionally delivered. I loved the combination of Rajiv's food with inter-course cocktail lessons. There wasn't a dull moment. I went with my family and I'd thoroughly recommend Rajiv's Kitchen to anyone looking for a fun and quality night out with a difference Quotes
Saskia Fraser
Happy Guest

Quotes Had a really enjoyable night. It was the first 'supper club' I had attended and definitely keen to go to more. Food was lovely, had fun making the cocktails (which tasted great) and was Rajiv and his team were very welcoming. I am a vegetarian and Rajiv was very happy to cater for my needs which was really appreciated. Quotes
Felicity George

Quotes An excellent night! Great food! Spicy and very filling. Something I haven't experienced before and a great idea to mix the cocktails in between. I will definitely attend again. Highly recommended!!!! Quotes
Victoria Mills
Happy customer

Quotes Good food. Cocktail making was fun and tasted great and the hosts gave great service. Was a bit far for me to go otherwise I would definitely have gone back again! Quotes
Joanna Miller
Satisfied customer